We host the following:

  1. CenterWEB
    A collection of Internet resources and home pages with an evangelistic dimension produced by and for youth.

  2. Davenham Parish Church
    Proclaiming Christ in the heart of Cheshire.

  3. Firm Foundation
    Building bridges of love and friendship to Turkish speaking Muslim people.

  4. In Yer Face Theatre Company
    We are first and foremost evangelists, who use the medium of theatre to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  5. John`s Gospel
    The freeware electronic version!

  6. "Loving a Muslim"
    A support group for Christian women married to Muslims.

  7. Moulton Parish Church
    Great plans for the future...

  8. Project Open Book
    Documenting the Persecution of Christians in the Islamic World

  9. St James`s Church at Ryde
    An evangelical Anglican church in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

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