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Why we Made this Site
(What our goals are)

Having browsed around CenterWeb a bit, you may have realised that it must have taken us a reasonable amount of time and effort to do it all. A fair question about this site could be "why do you bother?".

Here at CenterWeb we are trying to tell as many people our age (and any others), about what we believe. At this point most of you will probably be thinking "oh great, yet another site made by weirdos...", and to some extent you're probably right. That's because we are weird, in a sense: we're different. The services we provide on this site do take a lot of time to keep going: the new site design took about 6 months to complete, as we all have our studies/work to do. See, we know what it's like out there: you can compare to us to some extent. To give an idea of how much commitment has been needed to keep this venture going, here are some points to ponder:

  • CenterWeb was designed by one person, using a variety of methods, but mostly hard work. Believe me, creating pages that all have the same kind of design gets very boring!
  • The server this site is hosted on is owned by a Christian. He normally charges for his services: he didn't for us.
  • All of the people at CenterWeb have had the faith in the project to help out, and make CenterWeb what it is today.

Fair enough, you've now know how much time and effort this project has meant, now we come to the real reason why. I've mentioned that it's to do with what we believe, but not much more than that. Well, we want to tell you that there is a God, who's real, and who loves you. Many of you people will now be thinking "Yes, I was right, they are totally crazy", maybe you do. However, do me the courtesy of hearing me out: we may believe in God, but it doesn't mean we're complete psychos, weird, mad... you get the picture. You may believe that there is no God, or that there are loads of different ones. A lot of you may be asking why our beliefs are the right ones compared to everyone else's: well, why is Christianity still basically the most widely practiced religion in the world? Why is it still around if it's all a bunch of lies? 2000 years is a long time for a lie to last. Who made the universe anyway, if God doesn't exist? Why is the Bible the one religious book whose accounts of history have been independently proven by the world's leading archaeologists, historians, and scientists? How many other religions can claim to have that kind of solid proof? And lastly, but most importantly, are there any other mainstream religions that teach that God is a caring being, who loves you and forgives you when you do wrong: when you die he won't just get out the little scales and weigh up your good deeds against your bad and decide where you go! As long as you believe in Him and obey his rules, you are guaranteed a place in heaven, along with eternal life. It's a small price to pay for such a big reward.

Interested? Curious? Want to find out more? Click here for more about what we believe. Alternatively, E-mail us with any questions or comments about this, and we'll get back to you.