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Introduction to CenterWeb
(Who we are, what the site is)

Welcome to CenterWeb. Here you'll find the thoughts of many young people from around the world, resources, and good advice. However, this site is different from many of the others on the net. Why? Because Jesus is the focus of our lives, and He's the Center of our Web of people.

CenterWeb is designed by and for teenagers. We're here to help you, to provide advice and viewpoints on issues that you face, and to help you find other useful stuff through links.

In making this site, we believe that God is significant to make the effort to tell you about him. Having seen so many advice sites all over the Internet that recommend that people do so many things which we would consider wrong, we decided to create one which has a Christian basis. All the answers we give you will conform to the philosophy we live by. That doesn't mean really weird replies, just sensible and caring advice. You can find out more about our goals and philosophy elsewhere on the site

We're always looking to improve the site, so please let us know of any suggestions you have or any errors you encounter. There are feedback forms at the base of every page which you can use, or e-mail us.

Thanks for visiting CenterWeb. I hope you enjoy using it and that it will help you as it has done many others.

David, CenterWeb Webmaster.