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Helping out @ CenterWeb
(Who, How, and When)

Firstly, thanks very much for thinking about offering to help out with the work here at CenterWeb, it's good to know that there are people out there who'd like to help out with something which we believe can develop into one of the best sites on the 'net of its type if we persevere.

Secondly, here are the requirements for you helping out. We need people that:

  • Are Christians between 13 and 30.
  • Can give advice that's relevant to teenagers.
  • And/or are willing to write articles on certain subjects which people constantly ask for advice about, e.g. dating, sex, drugs...
  • Are willing to do the job at times when it may not be always convenient to answer queries as soon as possible.

If you fulfil the above, read on.

The current vacancies are available on CenterWeb:

  • People to give advice replies to queries we get coming in (quite a few each day, so the more people the less the workload per person). - People to write articles (see above), on advice subjects. This is the area we need people in most.
  • Someone to be responsible for a part of the site. For example, it would be much more efficient if someone could be responsible for the links page which would then take some of the weight off the webmaster's shoulders and enable that section to be regularly updated (this requires a good deal of commitment).
  • Are you a web developer? If so, it would be useful if you could help with writing some JavaScripts for the Archive. If you have any technical articles or links to any then those would also be useful.
  • Have you got any suggestions to something which we could add to the site which you could then be responsible for? - If you can write any kind of evangelistic articles or Christian resources, those would also be useful.

Giving Advice: Specific needs & Procedures

1. Advice line: people are needed to answer advice queries that we get. Anyone wishing to do so will be sent a series of sample questions which have been sent to us, and your answers will be "graded". Note that if we feel you are unsuitable for the task by the answers that you give then you will refused for the position.

2. Advice articles: do you think you could write articles on what a Christian view on certain common issues youth/teens have? see the current advice topics for some examples. If so, your articles will be vetted before being put up on the site. Please just write something of, say a page in length and send it to centerweb@domini.org . Do NOT attach any files to your e-mails, put the text in the e-mail itself. You may write on any subject you feel is relevant.

3. If you think you have the commitment and time you could be made responsible for one of the pages on the site, such as keeping the links page up to date. If you did not do your job you would cease to be responsible for that section.

Terms & Conditions

CenterWeb reserves the right to choose what content (text, images, sound, and so on) it places on its site, and also to refuse to put any content from any source on its pages without giving any reason. It also reserves the right to edit any content submitted to it for its pages. By submitting any material you signify your agreement with these terms, and those at http://www.domini.org/centerweb/terms.html CenterWeb reserves the right to modify any of these terms and conditions without notice.

If you agree to all the above terms and conform to the requirements, please write and tell us what you think you'd like to be involved in. Note that by writing to us in connection with this you agree to be bound by the terms set out in this document.

Please note that if you become a member, you will be expected to do something! Please think this over and then e-mail us if you're interested. Thanks again for your interest.