Church Stranded in Mid-Renovation, Local Government Withdraws License

3 April 2003

The church in Assiut, Upper Egypt, received notification in March that 
permission had been granted to demolish and rebuild their building.  However, 
after demolishing their old building and laying new foundations the local 
government withdrew their building licence.  

The congregation now have no building and are facing an uncertain future.  It is 
worrying to note that this is the second time this year that local officials in 
Assiut have thwarted the efforts of Christians to renovate their church 
buildings.  Christian communities must seek presidential permission if they want 
to build a new church, while renovations only need the permission of local 
government officials.  Thus many Christian communities face on the one hand a 
long and arduous application process (which will not necessarily be successful) 
for new churches, and on the other a system whereby church renovations can be 
impeded or opposed by local government opposition or hostility.

Pray for the local church in Assiut and that its plans for a new building will 
become reality.

Pray for Christian communities in parts of Egypt where they face local 
governmental discrimination.

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