United Arab Emirates:
Lebanese Christian Sentenced for Marrying Muslim
Elie Dib Ghalib whipped, tortured in prison
A religious court in the United Arab Emirates sentenced a Lebanese Christian to one-
year imprisonment and 39 whip lashes because he had married a Muslim woman.  This 
was reported by Amnesty International on 14 November 1996. 
30-year-old hotel manager Elie Dib Ghalib was arrested in December 1995, and has 
been tortured during his stay in prison.  He is to remain under arrest until the divorce 
from his wife, a citizen of the UAE, has been officially processed. 
Ghalib married his 25-year-old bride in 1995 in Lebanon.  While his wife returned to 
the United States for her studies, Ghalib himself returned to the UAE.  According to 
Islamic law [Shariah - editor] a Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim unless he 
converts to Islam. 
Ghalib converted to Islam on 16 November when the whip lashes were to be 
administered to him.  Ghalib's lawyer announced his step to the press one day later.  It 
is unknown if Ghalib has been released. 
Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad, 15 and 18 November 1996

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