Situbondo, Indonesia
Nine Indonesians
imprisoned for rioting

Nine Indonesians imprisoned for rioting

	JAKARTA, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- An East Java district court has sentenced  
nine men to prison sentences ranging from five to seven months for their 
involvement in rioting in October that left five people dead. 
	East Java's Situbondo district court on Thursday had found the nine  
youths guilty of committing destructive acts by stoning of worship 
sites. One man charged with the crime was released for lack of evidence. 
	Nine others have already been convicted and received similar  
sentences in connection with the rioting. 
	The demonstrations began Oct. 10 shortly after local prosecutors  
asked a judge to sentence Saleh, a 23-year-old Muslim accused of 
insulting Islam, to five years in prison. 
	Government forces put down the riot after five hours, but not before  
22 churches and scores of other buildings had been set ablaze or 
damaged, killing five epeople who were trapped inside one of the 

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