Suharto calls for restraint
1996 marked by several "socio-political jolts"

Date: Friday 27 December, 1996 (11:27pm AEDT)

Indonesia's President Suharto has called for restraint among the 
country's many different religious groupings.

The president was speaking after rioting Muslims at Tasikmalaya in 
Western Java damaged eleven Christian churches and many Chinese 
owned businesses

At least two people were killed including an elderly Chinese woman 

Speaking to public servants and members of the armed forces in 
Jakarta, Mr Suharto said authorities had to remain alert against 
the appearance of groupings within the society which could give 
rise to unrest in inter-religion relations.

The president said 1996 had been marked by several "socio-
political jolts," where the factor of religion also played a role.

The rioting in Tasikmalaya had started as a protest by thousands 
of Muslims against alleged police mistreatment of three Muslim 

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