Muslims Kill Christians in Ambon Indonesia

(HRWF -- ) At least 32
Christians were killed in a day long attack by Muslims on an
outlying village in Ambon, the capital of Indonesia's Maluku
islands, a church worker said yesterday.
The Muslim attackers were helped by government soldiers during
the attack on the village of Hatiwe Besar on Tuesday, said Mr
Noya Fileopistos, of the Christian co-ordinating post at the
Maranatha church in Ambon. All the victims, many of whom died
violently, were Christians. "They have been able to evacuate 32
bodies," he said by telephone. "Most of them, including a 10-
month-old infant, were shot and their bodies tossed into fires"
of houses torched by the attackers, he said. But no new violence
had been reported yesterday, he said.
The attackers had used mortars and automatic rifles and had come
from other parts of the city.  Some of the residents from Hatiwe
Besar had managed to flee the ruined village by sea and were
sheltering at the Nehemia Protestant church in the Benteng
Gudang Arang area of Ambon city. "There are about 500 refugees
staying at the church. All of them fled by speedboat and small
passenger boats because they could not use the land route," Mr
Fileopistos said.
Earlier reports of the fighting yesterday had put the number of
dead at nine.
The Maluku islands have been torn apart by almost two years of
Muslim-Christian conflict, which has left some 4,000 people dead
and a trail of destruction.

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