Talking about human rights in Muslim country, I can testify that the human right issues are much worse in any muslim country as compare to the secular/developed world. Indonesia is not an Islamic State, but Islam is a predominant religion in this biggest archipelago of the world. Churches has been attacked and destroyed in the last 10 years then it ever happened since the Muslims-- who are the majority in this fourth most populous nation in the world-- try to lead the country in many aspect of life. After the last June church attacks in East Java, I just happened to read got in social.culture.indonesia about a Catholic Church in Eastern part of Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) burned by 300 people on September 17 1996. The Church (St.Leo the Great) was burned by mostly young muslims. This kind of incident always takes place when the coming election is at hand. The complain from the Christian community in most cases were not handled properly by the local authorities, especially since the present government tries to gain voters/sympathy from the majority muslims.

Hundreds of Christian churches has been destroyed all over the country sides without any serious prevention from the authorities. Mass media are not allowed to cover any incident of church attacks in view of political stability purposes. License to build churches has been made difficult since 1970 through strict regulations. This kind of situation has prompted some Christian community to do their worship in houses or public buildings.

Although the State Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of worship, in reality christians has been put in difficulties when they want to build their churches.

In my neigborhood, we have to worship in a building (although it is in fact a church) without having to show the cross on top of the building as symbol of identity. By showing the cross, the surrounding muslims would feel bad about it and feel that their environment has been affected by the christian culture, something that I found it hypocrete. As christian, I am affraid that the honeymoon between the muslim and the government will be a bumerang. As long as the One Man authority is still in power (the President) stability can be maintained. But once the second longest President of the world (after Fidel Castro of Cuba) die, a new Bosnia or a new Sudan will appear. Don't forget to pray for God's churches in Indonesia.

If you want to spread this information, please don't put my name on this article. Just for security purpose against the fanatic Indonesian muslims.

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