Christian Solidarity Worldwide: Pray for Nigeria!

December 23, 2002 edition
Charisma News Service

A Christian human rights group has appealed for worldwide prayer as Nigerian
believers brace themselves for possible attacks by Muslim extremists over the
Christmas holidays. Tensions have escalated in Jos state following the recent
murder of Bitrus Manjang, the newly retired vice president of the Church of
Christ in Nigeria.

In a letter circulated by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Bishop Benjamin
Kwashi of Jos said attacks on the church have been "unprecedented, unchecked
and vicious" in the last few months. A "subtle war" on the church has been
declared, he said, "and those in authority do not seem able to provide succor,
help or protection."

Manjang's son and daughter-in-law, and a 6-month-old baby also were killed in
the attack at his home. CSW said 13 others were killed, with additional people
injured and at least 20 homes burned during the attack on Manjang's home

"Muslims extremists are now rumored to be planning attacks on Christian targets
in and around Jos over Christmas," CSW said. Sources had reported a sudden
shortage of fuel on the black market, with many concerned that the fuel was
being hoarded to burn down Christian homes, as had happened in the past.

"Please pray for protection for the Christian population of northern and
central Nigeria," CSW said, "and also for vulnerable Christian communities
throughout the world over the Christmas season."

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