Militant Muslims Kill Bible Student

Charisma News Service
Sept. 12, 2001

A 23-year-old Bible college student has been killed by militant Muslims for
proselytizing, according to Voice of the Martyrs (VoM). On Aug. 2, the
student, identified only as Sheraz, went to work in a factory in Lahore and
never came home. According to a Christian co-worker, Sheraz got into an
argument with some militant Muslims, and was reportedly kidnapped.

On Aug. 9, Sheraz' body was found in front of the gate of his church with a
letter attached that read, "Stop Preaching to Muslims," VoM reported. The
dean of his Bible college asked for prayer for Sheraz' family, which
includes his parents and three sisters.

Meanwhile, Christians Pervez Masih and Ayub Masih are awaiting their court
appearances on the capital offense of blasphemy against the prophet
Mohammed. The two, who are not related, are to be tried in separate cases.
VoM said the men have been tortured while in jail, and pressured to convert
to Islam.

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