New Church Attacks Threatened

17 September 2002

Islamic militants in Pakistan are threatening further attacks 
against Christian targets.  Meanwhile, detained extremists 
reveal they had targeted a series of churches.

Abdullah Mazhar of the Islamic militant group Jaish-i-Muhammad
has warned that his Islamic warriors will join in further attacks 
against Christian and Western targets in Pakistan if the government 
prevents them from entering Kashmir to fight in a jihad (holy war) 
against Indian soldiers.  The Pakistani government has backed a
number of Islamic militant groups fighting for independence for 
Indian-controlled Muslim-majority Kashmir since 1990.  However,
since the tragic events of 11 September President Musharraf’s 
government has come under increasing pressure to sever its links 
with Islamic militant groups and crack down on 

At least sixteen Islamic militants linked to the extremist group 
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have been arrested by police since the brutal 
attacks on Muree Christian School and Taxila Christian Hospital 
on 5 and 9 August in which 10 people were killed and dozens 
injured.  The detained extremists have revealed that the recent 
attacks were only the first in a series of assaults on Christians 
and Western targets across the country planned by Islamic 
hit squads.  Two churches and a Christian women’s hospital
in Multan in particular are known to have been reconnoitred
by extremists planning further bloody raids.

Pray for Christians in Pakistan who are extremely fearful 
at this time.  The government has undertaken to protect 
them and is providing police guards at some churches and 
other Christian sites, but Pakistani Christians are not convinced
the police will be able to save them from determined militants.
Pray for their protection.  Pray comfort and support for those 
who lost loved ones in the recent attacks.

Pray for wisdom, courage and protection for the government 
and security services in Pakistan, that they might continue to 
protect Christians and other minorities in the face of Islamic 
extremist aggression.

Pray for Islamic militants targeting Christian sites.  Ask that 
the Lord will touch their hearts, reveal to them the suffering 
they have caused, and lead them to repentance and faith 
in Him.

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