Further Attacks Alarm Christians

9 October 2002

Two more attacks on Christian targets in Pakistan have alarmed Pakistani 
Christians who feel exposed and vulnerable to further attacks.

In the first incident a small bomb exploded outside a Christian prayer hall in 
Kolhu, Baluchistan province on Sunday 29 September.  Some worshippers were 
inside the building at the time but were not injured.  The hall is not a formal 
church building but is used for different purposes including prayers by the 
Christian community.

The second attack occurred on Friday 4 October when a grenade was thrown into 
the out patients courtyard of Bannu Mission Hospital, in the North-West 
Frontier Province. The grenade bounced three times before exploding near the 
main gate of the hospital.  No one was close to the explosion but a patients’ 
attendant was slightly injured and there was slight damage to the building.  
The two attackers were riding a motorcycle and escaped after the attack.  A 
Christian leader who visited the hospital shortly after the attack said, “All 
of the staff and all parts of the building are safe.  Please keep the entire 
situation in your prayers.”

As there were no casualties in either of these attacks, they have not received 
widespread publicity but they demonstrate the pattern of continuing attacks 
against Christian targets in Pakistan, coming just days after gunmen killed 
seven people in an attack on a Christian Charity in Karachi.  In the last 
twelve months there have been seven such attacks on Christian targets and they 
are now occurring with increasing frequency.

Pray that churches and Christian institutions in Pakistan will be kept safe 
from further attacks by Islamic extremists.

Pray for Christians in Pakistan who are extremely fearful at this time.  Pray 
for their protection and that the Lord will help them to remain strong in their 
faith in these difficult circumstances.

Pray for those perpetrating these attacks. Pray that God will work in their 
hearts and remove their hatred of Christians.

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