Pakistan: Christians and Police Clash
Pakistan police clash with Christian protesters
This, relayed from a "Speeder"...

Pakistan police clash with Christian protesters 05:50 a.m.
Feb 13, 1997 EST

KARACHI, Pakistan, Feb 13  - Pakistani police fired teargas
and detained about 200 Christians in Karachi on Thursday to
break up a protest against last week's attacks by Moslem
rioters in Punjab province...

...Police also fired shots in the air and used batons when
about 4,000 Christian protesters tried to march to the
official home of the governor of Sindh province, of which
Karachi is the capital.

Ambulance workers said they took a young man with a bullet
wound to hospital while dozens of other people, including
children, were injured by police batons.

``They were looking for trouble,'' a police official said.
``The miscreants armed with sticks attacked the police and
smashed the windscreens of dozens of vehicles,'' South
District Senior Superintendent of Police said.

A Christian protester, [Name removed], who had a head
injury, told [the wire service] the police manhandled
peaceful demonstrators.

Nearly 1,000 Christian families are living in tents after
being driven from their homes by Moslem rioters in Punjab, a
bishop said.

Last Thursday, thousands of Moslems attacked the Christian-
populated village of Shantinagar in southern Punjab,
accusing some Christians of committing blasphemy against
Islam, a charge denied by the Christians.

Many houses and six churches were set on fire. Most of
Pakistan's 131 million people are Moslems, but there is a
small Christian minority, some of whose members have been
accused by radical Moslem clerics of blasphemy in recent


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