Two churches set ablaze
as riots hit Khanewal

Army moves in; one killed in police firing
amid protests against "Quran desecration by Christians"
The News
Friday, Feb 7, 1997

According to this report the trouble erupted late Wednesday after namazis in a 
village close to Khanewal claimed that crushed pages of the Quran and slips 
bearing insulting remarks against Holy Prophet Mohammad had been thrown into 
their mosque. They had blamed the alleged sacrilege on unidentified people from 
Shantinagar and Boota-Abad inhabited exclusively by Christians.  A few 
thousand Muslims soon began gathering and marched toward the Christian 
villages but were forced back by police called in to keep the tension under 
control.  But an even larger crowd assembled in Khanewal on Thursday and set 
ablaze two Christian churches as they battled police with sticks and rocks.  The 
two Christian villages were hit by religious tension for several days last month as 
their residents alleged desecration of the Bible by a Muslim policeman. 

Dear Bro Phillip Greetings in Jesus' name. Above-mentioned news was published in all Pakistan newspapers, and read sorrowfully by the Christian communities of Pakistan, also around the world. That on 6th Feb a Christian village, Shanti Nagar, 250 km from Lahore, was attacked and burnt down. Its population is 30,000. My assistant pastor and a friend visited the village and explained the current situation. Half the village was burnt and destroyed, possessions were looted, and even animals were taken by the attackers. We Christians are noting down the villagers' urgent needs for survival, but their needs are more than that. I request, please pray with your friends and also tell others about this event. We need to provide temporary assistance to the affected families. Their urgent needs are for Warm clothing Food Medicine, and Houses (rebuilding their former houses)

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