Muslim Convert to Christianity Butchered

29 July 2003

The body of a Muslim convert to Christianity who went missing in mid-July, has
been returned to his family, slaughtered and cut into four pieces by Islamic

The man left his friends and family almost two weeks ago heading into a
mountainous region of the Palestinian Authority area.  He took Christian
materials including cassettes, videos and Bibles with him.  After approximately
ten days during which his friends and family received no word from him, his body
was returned to them.  He had been brutally killed and his body carved into four
pieces as a warning to other converts.  He leaves behind a wife and two small
children.  The names and further details of those involved are being withheld by
Barnabas Fund for their own safety.

Local Christians in this part of the Holy Land have been involved in supporting
converts from a Muslim background who suffer persecution from Islamic extremists
in the Palestinian Authority areas.  Some of them have also been the target of
attacks.  Last year one such Christian received a phone call telling him that a
Muslim convert was in a serious condition in hospital; in response he
immediately set off in his car.  On the way his vehicle was deliberately driven
off the road by another car.  The phone call later proved to be a hoax designed
to lead him into trap.  In another attempt on his life this same Christian was
hospitalised.  Local Christians working to support converts from Islam report
that Islamic militants in the Palestinian Authority area deliberately target
converts.  Hamas in particular reportedly receives funding from Iran
specifically for this purpose.

According to shari’a (Islamic law) any Muslim male who leaves Islam
(apostatises) faces the death penalty.  Barnabas Fund is campaigning for a
change in Islamic teaching on apostasy.  A petition has been launched, copies of
which can be obtained from the address below, or downloaded from In Britain’s House of Commons
45 MPs have put their name to an Early Day Motion calling for an end to the
punishment of apostates.

Pray for the wife and children of this Christian man who has been so brutally
and tragically murdered.  Pray for God’s protection and presence to be with them
at this time.

Pray for the protection of Christians who help the converts.

Pray for a lasting and just peace in the Holy Land, that the rights of all –
Christians, Jews and Muslims – will be respected and that all may live together
in peace.

Pray that increasing numbers of liberal Muslims will make a public stand against
the harsh treatment of converts and call for a reinterpretation of the shari’a
on this crucial issue.

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