Saudi Police Snatch Another Christian in Midnight Raid
"Does Anyone Care that we Christians are targeted by the intolerant
Muslim regime?"

(July 25, 2001 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) The government of Saudi Arabia appears
to be launching a major sweep of Christians in the city of Jeddah. At 12:00
midnight Wednesday, July 25 five agents of the Ministry of Interior (MOI)
once again raided another home of a Christian suspected of leading home
meetings at which Christians gather for prayer and Bible study.

Eskinder Menghis, an Ethiopian working in Saudi Arabia, was awakened along
with his wife and three children as MOI agents entered the family's home.
The agents gathered up Bibles, books, family photos, video and audio tapes
as they forced Eskinder to go to police headquarters for interrogation.

Eskinder's name was on a list containing several names and addresses of
Christians living in Jeddah who were on a computer taken when MOI agents
conducted a late night raid on the home of Prabhu Isaac a week ago today. He
was subjected to psychological torture until the names of the Christian
leaders of the home meetings were extracted from him. Prabhu is from India
and has worked in a hospital in Jeddah for the past 17 years. He remains
under arrest in the Farifia Prison. His wife has made a tearful appeal for
help in getting her husband out of prison, but so far no government has been
willing to intervene, including the United States.

Saudi Arabia has learned that they can eliminate religious expression
without any firm international action being taken, just as China has learned
through their massive sweep of Christians and others attempting to practice
their faith outside the state's control.

The president of the Washington, DC based human rights group International
Christian Concern, Steven L. Snyder, has expressed dismay at the lack of
substantive measures by the U.S. government to deal with flagrant abuses of
human rights from countries like Saudi Arabia. In this so called "global
village" we now find ourselves living, it is time we stood up for the values
we believe are 'self evident' or otherwise be prepared to face the fact that
one day we too will have to surrender our own rights to the oppressors.
Christians are equally at fault for not speaking up for their fellow
Christians around the world who suffer persecution. One day we may find
ourselves having to hide to practice our faith. Who then will be left to
speak up?"

One frantic Christian called the Washington, DC office of International
Christian Concern pleading, ""Does anyone care that we Christians are
targeted by the intolerant Muslim regime for elimination?" This man's is on
the list of names extracted by the MOI and is nervously waiting the midnight
raid on his own home.

International Christian Concern is calling on Christians to rally behind
Eskinder Menghis and Prabhu Isaac by swamping the phone and fax lines at the
Saudi Arabian Embassy as well as the Secretary of State Colin Powell at the
Department of State. The telephone and fax numbers are:

Prince Bandor Bin Sultan
Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 202-342-3800
Fax: 202-944-5983 Secretary Colin Powell
U.S. Department of State
Telephone: 202-647-4000
Fax: 202-647-9519

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