Site of Samaritan's Purse Hospital Bombed

Today (September 12, 2002) the south Sudan town of Lui was bombed by the
Government of Sudan (GOS).  Lui is the home of the hospital operated by
Samaritan's Purse, the Christian relief organization headed by the Reverend
Franklin Graham.

It was five years ago today that the hospital officially opened.

In the year 2000 the GOS bombed the town 7 times.  Previously, the last
bombing had been on December 29, 2000.  These bombings come from Antonovs
flying at high altitude estimated to be 14,000 feet above ground or more.

There were no deaths, injuries or property damage.  The resident Sudanese,
as well as the American (5) and Canadian (1) and Kenyan (6) staff were
terrorized and ran into the bush, under rocks, and into dug shelters.

Four bombs were dropped today in two passes over the town.  Lui is the home
of the only hospital for an estimated population of 400,000 people, with
patients often walking 15 days for medical care.  There are no structures in
Lui except the hospital, a church (damaged in a December 2000 attack and
still under repair), a school and grass huts.  Lui has an estimated
population of 7000 to 9000.

No military targets exist in Lui.  No military personnel are in Lui.

We are deeply concerned for the safety of our staff and the area residents.

We are monitoring the situation and will report further incidents as they

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