Christian Faces Death Penalty
in Sudan
Sudanese Man Converted
from Islam to Christianity
CAIRO ( -- A Sudanese man, who being tried 
charges on "apostasy" because he converted from Islam to 
Christianity, could face the death penalty, according to a Christian 
human-rights group. 
International Christian Solidarity reported that Mekki Kuku was 
arrested in June, and is now being held in a Khartoum jail. The 
group charged that he had been tortured, and offered bribes to 
renounce his new Christian faith. He will go on trial next week. 
Under the law of Sudan, apostasy is punishable by death. 
International Christian Solidarity has called upon UN High 
Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson to step in to the 
case, to prevent a clear and gross violation of religious freedom. 
To date Robinson has not responded. 

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