Starving Sudanese
Flock To Catholic Dispensaries
Muslims Authorities
Islamizing Orphaned Chidren in “Peace” Camps
September 3, 1998

Khartoum ( -- Hundreds of starving 
Sudanese, displaced by the ongoing civil war between the Islamic 
government and southern Christian rebels, are flocking to Catholic 
missions, the Vatican news agency Fides reported on Thursday. 

"Every day an average of 700 people reach Wau exhausted, 
reduced to skin and bones having lived for days on end only off 
leaves and grass. They are in a desperate condition, with very little 
clothing and at the end of their tether," said Salesian Father 
Vincenzo Donati. "This has been the situation for the last three 
months and the Islamic government has obstinately refused to let 
in food supplies, clearly with the intention of genocide." 

The Wau region civil authorities are in charge of distributing the 
food supplies, but Fides' sources said the authorities go out by 
night and take back what they have distributed. Catholic 
missionaries also reported that hundreds of bodies are taken away 
every day with most receiving no burial. They also report that 
thousands of orphaned children are being herded by the Muslim 
authorities into the so called peace-camps where they are 

The Salesian missionaries have decided to call in another priest 
and four of their Sudanese aspirants in an attempt to provide 
assistance for these children left without a family. Besides the 
diocesan bishop and a few local priests, there are three Salesian 
missionaries who run a parish and a school, and two Comboni 
missionaries, one of whom is a doctor. 

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