Sudanese Priests
Could Face Crucifixion
Charges by Muslim Government
“Trumped Up”
GENEVA 12/04/98 ( human rights group warned 
on Friday that two Roman Catholic priests charged with plotting 
against the Sudanese government could face crucifixion if 

The Swiss office of Christian Solidarity International (CSI) called 
the charges made by the Muslim government against Father Hillary 
Boma and Father Lino Sebit "trumped up." The priests and 28 
other Christians have been on trial since October on charges of 
planning and carrying out a bombing campaign last June to support 
the rebel army based in the south of the country. The Archdiocese 
of Khartoum has denounced the trial and maintained the innocence 
of the priests.

CSI also appealed to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, 
Mary Robinson, to investigate the trial. The group said, in a letter 
to Robinson, that its urgent appeal related "to a threat of 
crucifixion that would horrify Christians worldwide and the 
international community." It added, "We are referring to the 
uncertain fate of two Sudanese priests, who could soon face 
crucifixion if convicted of trumped up charges of plotting against 
the regime that seized power in 1989."

In a statement on Wednesday, CSI also appealed for the release of 
137 women and children it said were among thousands of African 
women and children enslaved by National Islamic Front soldiers in 
the Darfur and Kordofan regions. The list of names includes babies 
just a few months old.

Source • Catholic World News/Philip F. Lawler

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