Tanzania: Ministry Leader Slain

A ministry leader who was concerned about the activity of Islamic
fundamentalists was brutally murdered in front of his wife and family
by a gang of armed men. Gaeten Zimulinda was shot and hacked to
death by eight attackers, one of whom shouted: "Shoot him. He's 
not dying fast enough," Christian Aid (CA) said.

Although Zimulinda lived in an area of the capital, Dar es Salaam, 
known for intense spirit worship, and had been involved in ministry
to several ethnic people groups, he "had a good relationship with most
everyone," said CA overseas director Lance Thollanderconcerns
about Muslim extremists, some of . In the last two years, Zimulinda
had written repeatedly about his whom had broken into and attacked
churchesimposition of strict Islamic law, Thollander . Others were 
campaigning for the said.

In addition to evangelism, Zimulinda provided vocational training 
and aid for orphans through his Calvary Cross Christian Centre. 
His wife, Evelyn, and children were unharmed in the attack. 
Zimulinda's widow had her own close brush with death in 1998, 
when she narrowly missed being caught in the bombing of the 
American embassy.

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